About GroupieWire.

Vision and Ideas
We've created GroupieWire digital music platform with one goal in mind and that's to brining the music industry creators and contributor all music content creators unders one umbrella

Who Can Use GroupieWire?
All music business associate no limit. Record Labels, Musicians Artists, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Managers, Producers, Directors, Radios and Hosts, Engineer, DJs, Booking Agencies, Distributers, Publishers, Digital Streaming platform, family and friends ETC.


Urban Music Genre
Music Genres: R&B, Rap, Pop, Reggae, Trap, Dancehall and music etc.

Feature Icon
We partner up with iTnune, GroupieTune, Amazon and Apple music in order to deliver the latest digital music release to listeners in a safe and secure streaming environment...


GWire 3.6 Beta

Music For Business
Create a custom account that will help you get started super-quickly without needing to browse through the huge network.


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