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Royalty Bio Royalty is a confident Jamaican artist that is currently based in Toronto, Canada and is in the process of releasing his revolutionary album title Royal Priesthood. Since 2005 Royalty has been writing, recording, producing and been patiently waiting for the right time to release. I like to be humble while shining the light on the truth and exposing the evil in the world. You will almost subconsciously feel the instant connection when listening to Royalty "High-definition" a flawless and unique voice that spits the truth in his new single "Pleading", currently available on Spotify, Google Music, Tik-Tok music, etc. The Inspiration for the creation of Pleading the single came about because of the police brutality and injustice that is currently on the rise. (The light must shine and the truth must be told.) I have a strong passion for music, Reggae, Dancehall, Afro, Rap and R&B music.   I write music that speaks to your conscious and unconscious mind, body and spirit. I enquire, manifest and preserve the history of truth and use my birthright talent that are engraved in my essence to create conscious music that can reform and emancipate the mind of the mental dead that are lost in the diaspora and still in slumber. I'm fully conscious and woken with the knowledge of self and our great history, origin, cultural expression and God.

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