About Us

Founder and ECO

Name: Mr. Marlon Ingram

Located: Toronto, Canada

With GroupieWire music streaming network.

it’s easy to find the perfect song for every moment – mobile friendly, You can listen on your phone, your computer and tablet wile you are on the go.

There are over 10 million songs and over 1 million album currently available on groupie wire. So whether you’re at the gym working out, partying or just relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips at all time.

Choose the genres that you want to listen to, or let groupie wire surprise you.

You can also browse through the music top 50 collections or create a playlist and just sit back and enjoy.

No Subscription, No annual, No Monthly Fees it's 100% free.

The new interface design of GroupieWire is all about focusing attention the latest music releases

Mobile browsing and android app are also available for download from play store for free. GroupieWire, mobile friendly, look and work great on all android device!, effective and incredible focused way to access your playlist. you will have all the tools to listen to your favorite artist on any device!

Enjoy :)

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